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Spark Academy

Spark Academy partners with homeschooling families to provide a guided educational experience; using a passion/project-based approach that sparks wonder, innovation, and creativity in K-8th grade students. Spark Academy began in 2021 with a heart to serve local homeschool families. Students journey with their class through History and Science, as the Guide will curate a buffet of options where curiosity drives the student’s learning. Students also work independently throughout the year on Math and English Language Arts programs. This homeschool hybrid program serves to enhance children’s homeschool experience by attending three days a week with their peers, working both independently and collaboratively.

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Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry

The Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry is designed to help you discover and develop your identity in Christ, train and equip you to operate in the gifts of the spirit, and send you out to release the Kingdom of God in your sphere of influence.

After their time at BASSM we envision our students as healthy trees, oaks of righteousness, firmly rooted in their identity in Christ. They know how to pull nutrients from their relationship with God and through their relationships with others, so that they can live healthy, vibrant, and whole. These trees have been set on fire by the supernatural power of God, beacons of light that reveal that the impossible is possible through Him. And these healthy trees that have been set on fire, are planted right in the middle of their sphere of influence: the place God has designed them to release and reveal His kingdom on the earth.

If you want to join us on this journey visit to hear more about what we do or to apply to join our upcoming school year. We welcome all students 18 and above.

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