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Young Adults

Bethel Atlanta Young Adults seeks to connect young adults to each other and God while equipping and inspiring them for their current season of life.

Our young adults meet for fun events around the city to help you stay connected. Contact us for more information.

Young Adult Pastors

Jason and Denise Cooksey

Jason is from Kenosha, Wisconsin, close to the well-known shores of Lake Michigan, and Denise, originally from Saint Petersburg, FL, attended college at Point University. Before that, Denise earned a Bachelor of Science in Counseling & Human Services with a minor in Biblical Studies at Atlanta Christian College. This couple’s story is truly magical. They would casually see each other at church but were formally introduced at a friend’s birthday/going away party. They shared a group of mutual friends from Bethel’s Saturday service, called “The Framily,” who met at local restaurants after church. Through these social interactions, she and Jason quickly became friends. It was only a few months before they started dating. When Jason proposed, he recruited the help of “The Framily,” surprising Denise during what she thought was one of their regularly scheduled game nights. They married shortly after and now have four beautiful daughters. Some of Denise’s passions include teaching others to love themselves, God, and others. She also values the restoration and redemption of families, wealthy principles, and leaving a legacy. Jason has a musical inclination, as he plays keys and drums and even assists with writing original music for the worship team. He is passionate about being known for true agape love and helping lead others to live a life that reflects such love.


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