Over 50 Fire


Over 50 Fire

At Bethel Atlanta we want everyone from every generation to thrive. At our over 50 group, over 50 fire, we want you to know that you are called to live and lead in revival, to feel connected and known, to be mothers and fathers to the upcoming generations, and to reign in life as you live from the presence and glory of God. We will be spending time together fellowshipping, pursuing encounters with the presence of God, and growing into everything God has designed us to be.

Over 50 Fire Pastor

Lindy Hale

Lindy has been married to her husband Steve for 43 years. Together, they founded Bethel Atlanta in 2007. Lindy graduated from Auburn University in 1977 with a Physical Education Degree. She attended Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry from 2005-2007 and taught there from 2016-2022. She and her husband have four children, four children-in-law, and nine grandchildren. They have lived in close proximity to Bethel Atlanta, in Tyrone, GA, for 38 years. Her husband describes her as a person who can see the positive side of every situation; she is a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother. Lindy loves Atlanta and wants to see the kingdom of Heaven influence Atlanta for Jesus. She enjoys praying, reading, hiking, and being a grandmother, or Mimi as her grandchildren call her. She enjoys Mimi Mondays, where all her grandkids come to her house to play. Some of her passions include Jesus, the power and intimacy of prayer, the kingdom of Heaven invading our lives and city, and seeing people over fifty years old realize they are powerful sons and daughters of God.


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