After many years of anticipation, our new building was completed in 2022. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make this dream a reality. Whether it was with your time, skills, or finances, we could not have done this without you. Though we are still enjoying taking ownership of our new space, we believe that there is much more that God has called us to create here. We will continue developing this land into a place designed to steward His presence and purposes. Below is a brief roadmap of the next few projects we see ahead.



Next on our list is beautifying and upgrading the area around the building so that it can be an even better place to build community, spend time with family, and gather around God’s presence.

  • Playground: We are building an upgraded playground area between the office building and the barn so that our kids have a fun and beautiful place to enjoy.
  • Center Green Upgrade: We will be redesigning the space between the barn, offices, and lodge to create a space perfect for connecting after church, going on a short walk, or simply enjoying the outdoors. We will also be updating the two pre existing buildings, the lodge and the offices, to match the style of the newly finished barn.
  • Prayer House: We are eagerly anticipating and dreaming into a prayer house. This beautiful building will be just across the lake from our barn, where we can create a space dedicated to the quiet pursuit of prayer and presence.


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