We are a family gathering
around His Presence

Raising Leaders

Reigning in life

Restoring cities


Nate and Di Kaemingk
"The doctors could never tell us why we weren’t getting pregnant... We shared our story and immediately our revival group started praying for us. It was really great just to have a whole community that was believing for something and not telling us 'this just isn't God's will'... Lily is full of life. She came out of the womb, they put her on my chest, and she popped her head up and started looking around. She's not stopped ever - at all."
Lydia and Markus Uhland
"His blood work was amazing. She compared it to the time we went in for Lyme Disease. His numbers were like totally improved, vitamin levels, stuff like that - they were all perfect. She was like, 'Clean bill of health' pretty much. Keep doing what you're doing... It was super encouraging for the both of us because we'd been in so many doctors offices together wondering what they were going to say. And we were like 'Oh yeah! It is gone!'.
Sarah Ermatinger
"When I first got to Bethel, I heard the Lord say 'Welcome home. This is your family.' ... I remember that first day in worship. Everyone was so excited and people were jumping up and down, dancing and just singing their hearts out... For me it was finding a church where people were just fully passionate, fully seeking and enjoying the Lord... There were so many people there then, that are like family to me now."
Luis Velasquez
"We always want to experience more of God. I feel like Bethel Atlanta carries that because God has put that spirit on Bethel Atlanta. It's a place where you can find diversity, inclusion, and most of all you can find family... We receive you just the way you are and we just embrace you in your journey... We always believe the moment you come here that God has something special for you."
Stephanie Mutie
"I decided to join the family at Bethel Atlanta after seeing the culture that they were creating here. They pursue miracles, the supernatural, and they pursue the authenticity of the heart of the Father. They pursue relationships, community, and they value people's hearts and experiences... When you walk in the door as a new person, they are so welcoming. There's people greeting you and it's such a welcoming environment."

Who We Are

We are a family gathering around His Presence, raising leaders to reign in life and restoring cities to look like Heaven on Earth.

Raising Leaders

We develop sons and daughters
to be sent as fathers and mothers

Reigning In Life

We lead ourselves in the ways
of Jesus and the Kingdom

Restoring Cities

We release the love of Jesus
and the culture, values and solutions
of the Kingdom within our spheres of influence

Bethel Life

Building on a hundred acres for a hundred year vision.

- Steve Hale, Founder


With Us