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We want every child to experience the wonder of God, understand their true identity in Christ, and step into their destiny as a child of God. It is our goal for God’s love to be manifest in signs, wonders, and miracles as well as practical demonstrations of love and worship. We do this by pairing Bible teaching and activation in the gifts of the spirit. We empower our children to know what God says about them, and equip them with the authority that He has given to them, so they can impact the world with His radical love.

Mighty Minis: 6 weeks old – 4 years old

In Mighty Minis you can expect that your child will be impacted by the powerful love of God. We create a safe and fun environment for all of our children to thrive. Our curriculum is tailored to each age group; including Bible stories with songs, activities, and crafts where the children can experience the love of God in a playful environment. The teachers delight in speaking truth and life over each child. Our goal is to create an environment where our kids get to know the presence of God from the very beginning of their lives.

Super Kids: Pre-K4 – 1st Grade

Super Kids are just that – super! In this class, it is our desire that they encounter the powerful love of God. Through experiencing worship, hearing Bible stories, learning scripture, and activating what they learn through activities, crafts and play, our Super Kids encounter God’s wonderful nature. We believe in calling out the gold in each child, and the teachers do this through praying over the children, giving words of encouragement and empowering them to impact the world around them.

Power Squad: 2nd – 5th grade

We are excited to help train your kids in Power Squad to be powerful people who know their identity and are grounded in who God created them to be. It is our honor to teach the gospel, anchor children in God’s Word, and give the opportunity to encounter His presence. We pair teaching the Word with activation in spiritual gift and practice the sharing of testimonies, small group discussion, and spending time in His presence; so our kids grow into the world changers that they are called to be!


Bethel Atlanta Kids uses an in-house curriculum, One Truth, for all ages. Our goal is for all of our children to learn the same truth each week, with a tailored approach for each age. Whether your child is in Mighty Minis, Super Kids or Power Squad, they will be learning the same lesson in age appropriate ways, allowing for post-church family discussions that will be relevant to everyone. Along with the One Truth they learn in the Bible story, they will also memorize scripture, have activities and crafts that support the lesson, and experience a time of worship. We are excited for every child to experience the wonder of God, understand their true identity in Christ, and step into their destiny as a child of God!

Children's Pastor

Kristen Hale

Kristen graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA, where she quickly dove deeper into the already well-rooted faith ingrained in her as a child. Originally from Fayette County, Kristen has spanned the country from California to Massachusetts to New York, finally returning home to her roots in the South. She grew up a friend and even a high school worship team bandmate with her husband, Stevie. Together, they have three sons and are currently renovating a small farmhouse in Sharpsburg. Kristen is passionate about the creative arts, gardening, and reading historical fiction whenever she can find the time.


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