Bethel Atlanta exists to empower people to reign in life and years ago when we began looking for our own property, we had one theme in mind, a place where we could build for generations yet to come. Yes, we had immediate needs in mind for our property, but more than that we wanted what we built to embody the kingdom principle of inheritance. When you build for generations, you take your time; you make decisions based on vision and wisdom; you think about stewardship and preservation along with growth and potential. Your goal in planning and decision making is to leave the next generation with a gift not a burden. We’ve seen this modeled throughout scripture and they are examples of seeing beyond what is simply in front of you and looking ahead to what could be. This is why we purchased 100 acres of land, not just for us, but for those coming after us. We hope you are excited to join us on this journey as we build for generations.




Hello friends and family,

We are so excited to be nearing the completion of our first building on our land. This has been a journey years in the making and while our wait has seemed long at times, God has been steady and faithful throughout. Whether you are just joining our community, or you have been with us since the beginning, we are grateful for you and excited to step into this new season at Bethel Atlanta.

Our property consists of over one-hundred acres of beautiful land. We are most familiar with the forty-four acres surrounding the lodge, office, and building site; but there are fifty-six additional undeveloped acres that extend to highway 74 along with the four-acre lot directly behind our offices allowing us an entrance off Tyrone Road. When we purchased this land, we were struck both by its beauty and the vast possibilities it held not only for us but for future generations. This is just one example of kingdom inheritance and why we named our building program Build for Generations. This first building is step one of multiple buildings and projects to come, some of which will be for future generations to complete.

As we continue construction on this first building, we would like to invite you to give into two aspects of this project. While our loan covers the construction costs, we are working to raise $500,000 to cover an upgraded AV system and an overflow seating area.

  1. AV system: One thing we have looked forward to with our new building is being able to fulfill our mandate of releasing our message outside our four walls. We have felt called to reach our city and those who can’t be with us in person for nearly a year now and we set a goal to start streaming our services online once we had moved into our building. That goal was accelerated earlier this year in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We applaud our AV team for their creativity and ingenuity these last few months. Not only were they able to get us online with very short notice, they have continued making our online services possible even without a building and we are grateful to be growing our online presence. In order to continue this growth in our new building, we will need $350,000 to upgrade our current AV system including a new sound system, video cameras, lighting and the IT components to improve our streaming capabilities.
  1. Overflow seating: Through our planning process, we have maintained a balance between cost of construction, seating capacity and the timeline for finishing. We wanted to build with growth in mind while at the same time, we knew our body needed a home soon and we wanted to limit the amount of debt we took on for this building. Our architects found a solution in creating a patio connected to our sanctuary that could be enclosed as an overflow seating area. The cost of enclosing and finishing this space is $150,000 and this area would allow us greater room to grow and expand in the future.

The cost for these projects is outside of our construction loan and we are inviting you to give into these additional projects. Both of these will allow us to complete this building in a way that prepares us for the future. We believe that part of our mandate at Bethel Atlanta is to be a debt free church and a debt free people, so it is our goal is to complete these projects without the need for additional debt. We know that Bethel Atlanta has always been a people quick to give and we believe we are going to see even more testimonies of your generosity and God’s provision as this building moves toward its completion. If you haven’t yet given to our Build campaign, we invite you to be a part of what He is doing through our church and in our city today. If you have given, we invite you to continue sowing into this dream of building for generations to come.

Steve and Lindy Hale
Senior Leaders
Bethel Atlanta


"Building on one hundred acres for a
one hundred year vision"