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Our Wednesday Night Classes cover our culture, our team, and our history as well as train and equip our body for life at Bethel Atlanta and the world we’re each called to. Each session provides a great way to get to know more about us as well as to connect with our amazing community.

Attendance Policy:
We do track your attendance at all Wednesday Night Classes because we love to equip our people with the tools to serve in our culture. You can miss up to 25% of any course we offer. If you miss more we recommend repeating the session the next time it is offered. If there are less than 4 classes total we hope you’ll attend all provided classes for those shorter courses.

Operation Mobilization
285 Lynnwood Ave
Tyrone, GA 30290

Wednesdays 7-9pm

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Dan Weber

Dan Weber is passionate about cultural transformation and is called to raise up leaders that transform their sphere of influence with the Kingdom of Heaven. He is an excellent communicator with a revelatory and interactive teaching style. He has a grace to take complex Kingdom concepts and articulate them in a way that is practical and easy to understand. Regardless of whether he is teaching, pastoring, coaching, training or simply leading, his anointing to shift mindsets through wisdom, revelation, and understanding is always present. He has been a leader with a foot planted in the business realm and a foot planted in the church realm for close to twenty years.

In the business realm, he has owned and operated multiple businesses in both the service and retail industry as well as serving in his community. As a result, he brings practical revelation and experience on the how-to’s of influencing the community with the Kingdom.

In the church realm, Dan has served in some form of leadership since 2000. He has been a part of the Bethel culture for the last 13yrs where he has served in various forms such as Elder, pastor, administrator, and worship leader. He also has been a part of ministry schools for the past nine years including serving as administrator, teacher and director.

Dan currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. He is a part of the Bethel Atlanta family and is a pastor on staff as well as the 3rd Year Director for Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. He and his wife Quin have been married for 16yrs and have two children: Joslyn and Josiah.

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Dan Weber