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At Bethel Atlanta, we believe that leadership is a lifestyle. A healthy leader is someone who is deeply connected, continuously learning, and always growing. Bethel Atlanta Leaders is an experience designed to launch you into a leadership lifestyle by infusing you with the following three facets of being a healthy leader:


  • Surrounded by a group of people where you are seen and known, and exchanging relational needs and nutrients.


  • Actively practicing the values of Kingdom Culture.


  • Pursuing health: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Bethel Atlanta Leaders


Bethel Atlanta Leaders is a twelve-month experience where participants join a growth group consisting of no more than ten people. The group will have a facilitator, who guides the group during their time together. Groups will meet twice a month, once to attend leadership training and once to practice mutual discipleship.


What does BA Leaders cost? 

  • There is no monetary cost. 

When will registration for the BA Leaders 2023 experience be available? Will I be able to register at any other point during the year? 

  • Registration will close on January 8, 2023. The next opportunity to apply will be for the 2024 experience. 

When will BA Leaders meet? What is the schedule? 

  • BA Leaders will meet twice a month from January-December 2023. The first meeting will be on January 11, 2023. Groups will meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, and then again during the 4th week of the month. There will be multiple times that growth groups meet in the 4th week. You will receive an email with times to choose from.

What are we learning about Kingdom Culture? 

  • You and your group will attend a series of classes modeled after Dan Farrelly’s book “Kingdom Culture”. You will spend time exploring and discussing some of the core values of the kingdom such as: Salvation Creates a Joyful Identity, Focused on His Presence, Creating Healthy Families, God is Still Speaking, Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry, and much more.

What does it look like to pursue health, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically?

  • While there are many beneficial ways to pursue health in these areas, we will be focusing on: 1. Growing our understanding of Kingdom Values; and, 2. Practicing the development of connection through vulnerable, mutual discipleship relationships. 

What makes this program different from other schools of ministry or leadership programs? Like BASSM? 

  • There are two main differences between Bethel Atlanta Leaders and a ministry school: 
    1. The initial twelve-month commitment is designed to be a launching point into an ongoing leadership lifestyle of mutual discipleship and continued growth. 
    2. This is first and foremost an experience. This is not about us teaching you something you did not already know or training you to do something you couldn’t already do. It is about dedicating a season of your life to practicing the art of mutual discipleship and meditating on Kingdom principles. Our desire is that you learn how to navigate the needs of your group and discuss the pieces of revelation you each carry.

Will there be childcare? 

  • There will be no childcare provided.
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Why Discipleship Matters

Jenn Stockman
"The Bethel Leaders discipleship piece is a life-on-life, person-on-person experience, where you’re sharing your real-life experiences while receiving life-giving nutrients from others, as you walk through discipleship together. No matter your role or responsibility in the church, the call of the Kingdom is the same – I’m called to pick up my cross daily as a disciple of Jesus and follow Him."
Michael Edwards
"Whether at your job, at the gym, at work, or in your family, we’re all called to lead in different spheres and in different ways. The greater part of leadership and discipleship is when we link heart to heart, spending time with one another, speaking about what’s going on in our hearts, whether celebratory or sad, then finding support from our brothers and sisters in Christ."


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