Our ministries are here to connect you with others, to give you a place to serve His kingdom, and to equip you to reign in every aspect of life.


Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry is a three-year program where students have the opportunity to pursue and discover their place in global revival. Our goal is to equip students to live vibrant lives, reigning in every part of life…
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Bethel Life

Bethel Life is a eighteen week course that gives you training along with insight into Bethel Atlanta, our culture, how to build a family around His presence, and how to practically use Kingdom principles in your life now...
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The Brave Youth

The Brave at Bethel Atlanta exist to see a generation live in God’s presence, belong in community and release the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere they go. We know there is no junior Holy Spirit so we equip our teens accordingly…
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Childrens Ministry

We want every child to experience an encounter with God, understand true identity in Jesus, and step into their destiny. It is our goal for God’s love to be manifest in signs, wonders and miracles as well as practical demonstrations of love and affection…
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The Bethel Atlanta Counseling Department’s goal is to create a place where anyone can come to get emotionally healthy and reconnected with the Father. We connect with people in one-hour sessions where we offer prayer, wisdom, and guidance…
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Life Groups

One of our value’s at Bethel Atlanta is to build healthy relationships. We believe it is important for everyone to discover a place where they can connect and grow. Bethel Atlanta places a high value on building healthy relationships…
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We are a liaison for mission teams and missionaries. Our goal is to be a touch point for support and connection for all of the missionaries sent from Bethel Atlanta. We envision Bethel missions will one day extend to all continents and touch many…
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Prophetic Ministry

At Bethel Atlanta, we believe that every child of God is designed to hear and know His voice. The goal of the Prophetic Ministry at Bethel Atlanta is to train people to hear God’s voice and provide a safe environment to grow in the prophetic…
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Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed at getting to the root of anything hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. SOZO is a Greek word meaning: saved, healed, and delivered…
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“[God] does not set a timer to wake the sun up everyday; He set things in motion from the beginning of time so the sun would know what to do: to come up everyday. It’s constant; it’s consistent.”